Event Design and Installation for Snap-on's 2016 Global Leadership and RCI Conference. Development of event theme and overall visual design.
2 Entryway Graphics printed on fabric and stretched to 10'x10' aluminum frame.
Enlisted talented artist Dev Madan to create original comic book covers reflecting Snap-on's messaging and industries. Created cover title treatments and designs for use on 12 foot tall mirrors in hotel lobby. Each cover incorporated a 3D Pop-off effect for the title and character.
Smaller 8ft tall covers were created for use in another hallway of the hotel. Each was printed on 1" Sintra and mounted to hallway wall with miscellaneous props and featured Snap-on Tools.
Created a Super Hero Lair in the Main Hallway of hotel using 14ft Tricon Pillars. Attaached digital clocks with time zones representing the countries of the Snap-on attendees. Used blue LED lighting to accent the graphics during dark hours.
Created a theater marquee facade for hotel lobby where a large screen and theater was showing some of Snap-on's big screen appearances were playing throughout the week.
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